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14 October 2006

Financial Times: Questioning And Challenging Every Aspect Of Evolution

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Questioning and challenging every aspect of evolution
By Alex Labram
Published: October 14 2006 03:00 | Last updated: October 14 2006 03:00

From Mr Alex Labram.

Sir, In his recent letter discussing evolution (October 7), Ian Leonard stretches the definition of “faith” to breaking point and beyond.

Evolutionary biology is based on careful scrutiny of the world we live in. It is continually subjected to testing and improvement to ensure its accuracy. It produces concrete, testable predictions of stunning accuracy, and is critical to vital fields of science such as immunology. For example, evolutionary models have been used to predict the spread of the deadly disease ebola in Africa, as well as to trace the source of HIV infections in the US.

More recently, simulated evolution techniques known as “in vitro evolution” have been applied to the development of more effective antibiotics. Evolutionary biology is practical, functional and effective.

Mr Leonard is correct that intelligent individuals are, at present, questioning and challenging every aspect of evolution. These people are usually referred to as “evolutionary biologists”, and they have spent most of the past 150 years hunting down and eliminating weaknesses in the theory, as well as searching for major flaws in the underlying premises. So far, so good.

Finally, the impression given by Mr Leonard’s letter that evolutionary biology is incompatible with Christianity is simply not true. The scientific community contains many Christians, the majority of whom accept evolution for the accurate model that it is.

Alex Labram,
Science Just Science,
Reading, Berks RG5 4UF

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