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11 April 2008

Support The Skeptologists!

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In my browsing around the net I cam across a bunch of scientists who want a more intelligent form of programming on our TV screens and I concur … so I thought I’d post a little advert for it here:

Support The Skeptologists!

Raise your voice! Let it be known that it’s time for a TV series that focuses on the real, the intelligent and important advances in science, critical thinking and skepticism. The Skeptologists will be pitched to major networks soon, and we want to give the programming executives a sense of what kind of support they can received if they invest in a TV series of this kind. This is your chance to have a voice in the type of TV that is produced.

[You Can Read More Here: The Skeptologists]

James “Kyuuketsuki” Rocks (UK Tech Portal)



  1. Quick question: Are there any signs that TiS are going to do anything with Expelled once it gets out on DVD, beyond publicising it on their blog? (I also just read the Welsh section of their site, and am fuming slightly.)

    Also, I have a half written essay on Fundamental Constants in physics that explains what they are and why YEC claims about them are silly; if you reckon it’s worth putting up in a blog post I can finish it, type it up and send it to you as soon as I can.

    Comment by iozzsothoth — 3 May 2008 @ 1:13 pm | Reply

  2. We definitely need a bit more intelligent tv promoting science and reason. Of course the tv stations show what is popular and will bring in the money, so we all need to do more to make our voice heard.

    Speaking of which I might just plug Camp Quest UK – which is a summer camp charity I am helping for kids of free thinking parents. We work with the Philosophy for Children (P4C) program that hopes to get kids asking questions and thinking for themselves.

    Comment by richardcraig — 7 August 2008 @ 7:40 am | Reply

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