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About The “Science, Just Science” Campaign

About SJS

Until recently creationism was regarded as a primarily American phenomenon but there are a number of fundamentalists in the UK who are becoming increasingly more prominent in supporting young earth creationism and intelligent design. More recently there have been attempts to influence UK schools curriculum to include creationist ideas and some examples of creationism being taught in science classes.

SJS is a campaign supported by concerned individuals from all walks of life and of all backgrounds and beliefs. We are concerned because of the teaching of pseudoscience in place of science in schools in the UK and about what affect that will have on our nation’s children.

In 2006 the so-called “Truth in Science” organisation sent free “science education” resource materials to every school in the UK, in it they advocated the teaching of something called “Intelligent Design theory” as an alternative to the theory of evolution in science classes, and that we should “teach the controversy” between these two theories.

Let’s be absolutely straight about this:

  • There is no scientific controversy about the basic mechanisms that make up the theory of evolution.
  • Evolution is supported by vast amounts of empirical evidence, and is the cornerstone for modern research into the biological sciences.
  • “Intelligent Design theory” is a theory in the sense of it being a hypothetical idea, not in the sense of being a scientific theory which is actually backed up by empirical evidence.
  • Intelligent Design has been found to be “a religious alternative masquerading as a scientific theory” and “not science” in a prominent law suit in the USA, and has been ruled unconstitutional to be taught as science in public schools under the separation of church and state laws.
  • The UK does not enjoy constitutional protection for public school science teaching.

SJS statement:

We urge teachers to treat the “Truth in Science” material with extreme caution. The material is full of scientific errors and misrepresentations and fails to inform the recipients of the distributors’ creationist agenda. Misguided attempts to deliver this material in a science classroom will confuse rather than enlighten children, and could well place their future academic success and careers at risk.

SJS believes that undermining scientific understanding in the young will have a dangerous impact on their education and we are disgusted at these tactics that deliberately target young and impressionable school children. Given that the numbers of science graduates is already falling year by year, we do not need our children confused and bemused by having religious fundamentalism smuggled into science lessons.


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